Your next generation App to apply the Pomodoro Tecnhique, specially designed for Windows 8 Modern UI with touch capabilities and a super fast & fluid interface.


After setting the duration of your pomodoro, executeit, make your task begins.

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Concentrate on the task at hand, put your best effort, then you will have your deserved break.

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Analyzes pomodoros performed and time spent. If everything is ok, continue in that way, if not, take corrective action and analyze it again in the future.

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The Pomodoro technique is a time management method. The technique uses a timer to break down periods of work into 25-minute intervals called 'Pomodoros' separated by breaks. The method is based on the idea that frequent breaks can improve mental agility.




Pomodoro Execution
Running a pomodoro aims to begin the task, devoting your best effort into it, knowing that this time spent is limited, so you must provide maximum your concentration on it.
Break Execution
After the effort invested in the task, get the deserved rest. You can take a short break, if you think it is enough to clear your mind and recharge your energy for the next pomodoro.
Long Break Execution
If your pomodoro demanded more than expected, if your mind feels saturated, you can opt for a long break, which will give you more time to rest and meet your next pomodoro. Beware, that laziness will not win because the next pomodoro be waiting for you.
Quick Timer Selection
If times for predefined for each run disagree with yours, you can modify them using the Quick Timer Selector. Measure your time your way, your efforts and your adjusted rests the way you find it more efficient.


Stats View per Day
Compare the amount of pomodoros and breaks you've done in the day, againsts another day, and also adjust the values ​​you believe necessary to achieve maximum productivity.
Stats View per Month
Compare your pomodoros and breaks implemented in each working month, performs an analysis and draw your own conclusions!
Quick Count Pomodoros per Day
Always consider the amount of pomodoros you ran in the day, observe it in top display, you will remember the effort you made today!
Quick count Pomodoros per Month
The top display will keep you informed about pomodoros you ran during the current working month.


Snapped Execution View
You have to work and you want to still execute your pomodoros? Do not worry, you can execute timemanage.me in snapped view, checking your counter while working!
Portrait Execution View
You have to rotate your tablet? Don´t worry! timemanage.me support portrait view! Continue executing your pomodoros!
Snapped Stats View per Day
You can also check your stats per day in the snapped view, being able to execute another task.
Portrait Stats per Day
Stats per day are supportes in portrait style. You can see only two previous days pomodoro counters.
Snapped Stats View per Month
You can see the amount of pomodoros executed in the current month, also in snapped view.
Portrait Stats per Month
You can visualizate stats per month in the same way of stats per day in portrait style. Timemanageme supports it!


Live Tile Notification Wide
Wide tile notification brings you information about your curren execution, and remaining time.
Live Tile Notification Square
Square tile notification also brings you time left information, but in a minimal way. It´s usefull when you have to share yur screen with another tiles.
Toast Notifications when Done
You have to execute another applications while executing pomodoro? you want to be advised about pomodoro end? It's possible, with toasts notifications!
In-App Notification when Done
Timemanage.me will notificate you inside the application layer when your pomodoro has gone.


Full Settings
Full settings option allows you to configure your executions as you want. You can define time settings for each execution and change them when it´s necessary.

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Assign Tasks to Execution
You will be able to create and organize your tasks, assigning pomodoros and breaks to each one. It will allow you to track your activities in detail.


Balance your time
Reccomendations module will show you an advices list you can follow to optimize your work. Timemanage.me will analyze your execution history to give you reccomendations you can apply to improve your productivity.



Step 1: Select the Timer

Before you start, select the timer that you want to execute, for example: a Pomodoro if you want to start your work, or a Break or a Long Break if you want to execute a relax time. Take into account that only the Pomodoros will be tracked.
You can find the timer option by swiping from the bottom edge or righ click if you have a mouse.

Step 2: Start the Execution

When you're ready, start your timer tapping the "Play" button. Once the timer started, you cannot pause it.

Step 3: Do your Work and wait to be Notified

You can continue doing your normal work and you will be notified when your timer is done! If you are inside timemanage.me you will see a "done" message but if you are using another application, you will be notified by a toast notification.

Step 4: See your daily or monthly progress

Every time that a Pomodoro finishes, the application will increase the total of Pomodoros executed, so you can track your activity by day and month and make a comparision with your previous executions.

Change your Settings

If you want to change your settings, you should swip the bar from the right and select the "Preference" option.
Once you're there, you can change the time length for all your timers and also the pomodoros numbers that you want to execute per day/month. You can change this values every time that you want so feel free to adjust it according to your needs.


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